Business Credit

How lenders and vendors determine your credit worthiness.

Your business credit is how vendors and lenders decide whether or not to do business with you and how much. Vendors and lenders rely on the creditworthiness of your business to make very important decisions like:

  • Whether or not to extend to you a line of credit
  • Whether or not to lend you money
  • If you are a viable business partner
  • To lease expensive equipment to your business
  • To help you carry more inventory at competitive prices
  • To give you favorable financing rates and terms
  • How you stack up against your competition in your market

There’s a lot that goes into calculating your business credit. Factors like starting date, skills, experience, number of employees, gross annual income. This is usually published on your credit profile along with scores and ratings that come from the history of your business, especially your payment history.

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What Does This Mean For My Business?

Building good business credit is the lifeline of your business. It enables you to obtain necessary funding for things like expansion, capital expenditures, research and development, and staffing. It’s instrumental in seeing your business grow because cash flow is essential for business survival. Establishing good business credit will help you to keep the money that you’re making to cover day-to-day operations. With good business credit you’ll be able to take advantage of time-sensitive offers and promotions without sacrificing or cutting corners on your quality of product or service.

The only goal isn’t having more money on hand, it’s also how you negotiate terms on business loans, insurance premiums, and even leasing payments. With good business credit, you’ll receive much lower interest rates which puts more money in your businesses hands and ensures that you’re being a good steward of all God has blessed you with.

Your business credit profile is pulled from:

  • Payment and banking data
  • Suits, liens, judgements, UCC’s, business registrations, incorporations, and bankruptcy fillings from state and county courthouses
  • Corporate financial reports
  • Contracts, grants, loans, and debarments from the federal government
  • Web mining
  • News & media
  • Yellow Pages and other directories
  • Direct investigations and interviews with company principles and other companies that you work with

Much like the banks use the FICO score, Dun & Bradstreet have their own scoring method that uses data gathered from the above mentioned sources to create an unbiased creditworthiness score.

A Dun & Bradstreet score is comprised of:

  • An overall assessment of your business’s viability & creditworthiness called the Dun & Bradstreet Rating.
  • A predictive indicator that measures the likelihood of your business paying on time within its terms called a PAYDEX score.
  • A credit limit recommendation used as a guideline for how much credit should be extended to your business at any given time.
  • A measurement of the likelihood that your business will experience financial stress in the next year called a Financial Stress Score.

The biggest contributor to any of these components is how you pay your bills. The more bills that are paid on-time and down to a 0 balance, the higher your score will be.

Who Can Benefit From Our Business Credit System?

The Crown Business Credit System is for small businesses that are looking to expand or need to survive in a competitive market. We work directly with business owners to not only repair and rebuild their personal credit but establish lines of credit and achieve business funding. With the Crown Business Credit System, we will help you become eligible for the best business line of credit as quickly as possible. Don’t let a bad business credit score stop you from getting the funding you need or put you out of business.

Secure the money you need to run your business, expand, and make your business more profitable, productive, and accessible so more customers can enjoy what you have to offer. There’s already information piling up about your business, stay on top of it and make sure that your reputation is unshakable.

Business Credit Can Give You Access To Credit Lines From:

  • Dell
  • Apple
  • Walmart
  • Amazon
  • Costco
  • Sam’s Club
  • Auto Vehicle Financing To Purchase Or Lease Your Primary Vehicle In Your Business Name
  • Sam’s Club
  • BP
  • Chevron
  • Home Depot
  • Lowes
  • Staples
  • Office Depot
  • Auto Vehicle Financing To Purchase Or Lease Commercial Vehicles For Your Fleet In Your Business Name
  • Costco
  • Ikea
  • Most Other Retailers
  • Fleet Credit For Fuel
  • Auto Vehicle Repair
  • Visa & MasterCard Accounts
  • Cash Credit Accounts That Can Be Used Worldwide

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